Now is a great time to sell your home in Austin, TX. Major employers such as Tesla and Apple are expanding their operations, bringing thousands of workers to the area, all of whom need a place to live. The national average home price soared 17.2% year over year in April to $375,000. However, the average sales price in Austin is more than $588,000, up 37% over the same time last year when the pandemic hit. This superheated market won’t last forever, and spring and summer are the best times to put your home on the market. So, why wait?

Why You Should List Your Home Today

Here are the top reasons to consider listing your Austin home with a reputable real estate agent today. 

1. The Market Is HOT!

Currently, there’s a national shortage of homes for sale, including those in Austin. The plentiful supply of buyers creates scarcity and raises prices. Buyers are rushing to take advantage of historically low-interest rates, which gives you negotiating power as a seller. Later in 2021, mortgage rates could creep up or the market may become saturated with homeowners looking to maximize their profits. That’s why we urge owners to get their properties ready for sale as quickly as possible.

2.  Get the Most Money Out of Your Investment! 

Low inventories and high demand in Austin increase the price people are willing to pay for your home! Historically, April through July are the peak selling seasons. Start decluttering and find an experienced real estate agent to help you stage and sell your home. The faster you get your home on the market, the less competition you face during this busy time.

You can always wait to sell your home in the fall or winter, but fewer people look for houses during the colder seasons. So, you may not get the best offers.

3. The Market Is Not Going to Stay Like This Forever.

According to the Home Buying Institute, this golden opportunity may not last forever. The current seller’s market in Austin and other major cities could level off the last half of 2021. If the market becomes overheated, it will slow price increases and could dampen enthusiasm from buyers. Right now, low inventories, excellent mortgage rates and a glut of buyers following the pandemic all work in your favor. Let us help you take advantage of it.

4. There Are Buyers for Your House!

Right now, the economy is opening up and qualified buyers have extra money thanks to the government stimulus checks. This means more people with more buying power are competing to secure homes in Austin. Take advantage of the emerging population boom and sell your home at a profit with the right real estate team behind you.

5. Are You Behind on Your Mortgage? We Can Still Sell Your Home.

Many families suffered economic losses during the pandemic. If you have fallen behind on your mortgage or are in forbearance, you can still sell your home. Let us help you figure out how you can get the most money out of your home before it goes into foreclosure.

There’s no shame in falling behind due to COVID-19. It’s happened to millions of families across the country. 

Contact us to get a free, no-obligation market analysis to see what you could potentially get for your home, and let us help you navigate the sales process.