As the holiday season approaches, it’s essential to ensure a safe and joyful celebration in the comfort of your home. From twinkling lights and festive decor to cozy gatherings and scrumptious feasts, our blog is here to provide you with invaluable tips and insights on holiday safety and home preparations. Whether you’re a seasoned host or a first time decorator, our safety measures will help you create a warm and secure environment for you and your loved ones, making this season one to remember for all the right reasons. 

1. Keep children away from the stove.
2. Do not leave the house while the turkey is cooking.
3. Ensure the kitchen floor is kept clear and doesn’t have any trip hazards.
4. Keep matches, lighters, candles and knives out of the reach of children.

1.   Check all holiday light cords to make sure they aren’t frayed or broken. Don’t string too many strands of lights together
2.   If you’re buying an artificial tree, look for the fire-resistant label. When putting it up, keep it away from fireplaces, radiators and other sources of heat.
3.   If getting a live tree, make sure it’s fresh and water it to keep it fresh. Bend the needles up and down to make sure no needles fall off.
4.   If using older decorations, check their labels. Some older tinsel is lead-based.
5.   When decorating outside, make sure decorations are for outdoor use and fasten lights securely to your home or trees.
6.   If using a ladder, be extra careful. Make sure to have good, stable placement and wear shoes that allow for good traction.
8.   Don’t forget to turn off all holiday lights when going to bed or leaving the house.
9.   Keep children, pets and decorations away from candles.
10.  If hanging stockings on the fireplace mantel, don’t light the fireplace.

1.Keep baking soda on hand to put out kitchen fires.
2.Do not leave food cooking or the stove unsupervised.
3.Make sure smoke alarms are working.
4. A household fire extinguisher should always be nearby.
5. Do not leave candles burning unattended and do not burn candles near flammable items like curtains or potpourri.
6.Follow all instructions carefully when using a deep fryer and monitor closely!


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