The Top 5 Things Buyers Should be Negotiating

November 4, 2022Buying, Selling, Tips

When buying or selling a home there is more to negotiate than just the price, in fact we sometimes see the highest offer being turned away for a more attractive deal.  What makes the deal more attractive if its not the price? Let’s talk about the parts of a contract you could and should be … Read More

End of Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Home

August 11, 2022Buying, Selling, Tips

As REALTORS® we see a lot of homes; it’s easy to tell which ones have been taken care of. Instead of having to fix things in your home before putting it on the market (or risking you and your family’s safety), a little bit of routine maintenance goes a long way. Keep reading to learn … Read More

How to Win in Today’s Market for Buyers and Sellers

June 24, 2022Buying, Selling, Tips

The past few years have been hard on buyers, especially in a hot market like our Austin area. While it will continue to be positive for sellers, a few factors are indicating a slight cooling of the local market. Keep reading to learn about the changes, and what it means for you. Buyers Buyers rejoice! … Read More

4 Hot Areas of North Austin

April 22, 2022Buying, Selling
We love the areas in and around north Austin, and not just because our office is located in Pflugerville. Rising property values, room to grow, new attractions and job opportunities are just a few reasons why it’s a great area to call home. Keep reading to learn about four top spots in Williamson County and [...]

Six Items for Your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

February 21, 2022Buying, Selling, Tips

Keeping a list of yearly home maintenance tasks can keep your home’s value up, give peace of mind that your residence is safe and healthy, and be a big leg up on your to-do list if you decide to move. Consider this the spring cleaning checklist for your home. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors Make … Read More

2022, The Real Estate Market, And You

January 19, 2022Buying, News, Selling

What a year 2021 was for real estate. While our team here at Homes With Hall Realty was able to consistently close deals for our clients, that doesn’t mean that we didn’t feel the impacts of the 2021 housing market inventory and supply shortages. But, we’re hopeful for 2022 and that the new year will … Read More

How We Can Help You Find the Perfect Home

November 30, 2021Buying, Tips
When you look for a real estate agent, it's important to find someone who can help you with every aspect of the search. That starts with defining the type of home style that meets your preferences and budget. When it comes to location, you can receive listings for one or more neighborhoods that match your [...]

What You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Home

October 25, 2021Buying, Tips

There are a few things you should know prior to buying your first home. These tips will help you make the changes needed in your financial life to avoid pitfalls that could haunt you down the road. While some of these steps are completed outside the relationship you have with your real estate agent, don’t … Read More

Expenses that Buyers Often Forget About

September 16, 2021Buying, Tips

For current or prospective homeowners considering a home purchase, it’s important to understand all the costs associated with buying a home. Extra costs to look out for include home insurance, mortgage insurance, earnest money and life insurance (required by some lenders), property taxes and appraisal fees. Learn more about these expenses and how to budget … Read More

Top Neighborhoods in the Austin Metro Area

August 26, 2021Buying, Selling, Tips

Located in some of the most beautiful natural areas of the Texas Hill Country, Austin and the surrounding areas offer a range of neighborhoods to choose from. With national magazines such as Forbes and Money touting the quality of life here, the Austin region has continued to grow and blossom. Let’s take a look at … Read More