Remember why you chose this home and start there. Spend some time in the room that you initially fell in love with, whether you’re resting with your feet kicked up, creating memories with loved ones, and even changing your perspective from “obligation” to “appreciation” when cleaning and doing maintenance around your home. Explore your neighborhood and or enjoy the spots you know and love. Visit with your favorite neighbors or meet the neighbors you have yet to meet, invite them to your favorite local restaurant or a new one nearby!
Now with your fresh new perspective you’re probably noticing some spaces in your home that can use a little TLC and DIY. First on our list is a fresh coat of paint, it’s one of the easiest and most affordable ways to upgrade your home and can completely shift the mood in the room. If you’re not wanting to paint an entire room, no worries “accent walls” have been a hot trend and for good reason. Accent walls make a statement and can even serve as your selfie wall. You could even create an accent wall with wallpaper, faux greenery, and even create texture with plywood. Play with the details, replace the cabinet handles with new unique handles. Add art pieces that make you feel good (paintings, center pieces, rugs, statues, etc.)
If you still aren’t completely in love with your home anymore find out what it is that you are yearning to have in a home or do away with. It may be time for somebody else to love it the way you did, so we could help you find your new dream home. We love seeing people happy in their homes, and when they are no longer happy, we know it is time to hunt again. If you know anybody who is not happy with their current home, we would love it if you shared this blog with them to help them fall in love again!  

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